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  • FPCC Commends Senate On Passing Energy & Water Spending Bill

    The Federal Performance Contracting Coalition (FPCC), a group of 14 Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) advocating for increased federal use of Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs) by the federal government, released the following statement in response to the Senate passage of the energy and water appropriations bill as part of a minibus package, which also included funding for military construction and veterans affairs.

    “The FPCC commends the Senate for passing the energy and water appropriations bill and thanks Senator Christopher Coons (D-DE) for his leadership and diligent efforts to include increased funding for the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP), a program that with very minimal funding, supports all agencies of the federal government in their quest to reduce energy consumption and costs while improving aging infrastructure and addressing deferred maintenance. The most significant activity of FEMP is to support performance contracting throughout the government. This funding is vital for the federal government to utilize Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPCs) and Utility Energy Savings Contract (UESC).

    “We also thank Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) and Senator Coons (D-DE) for their efforts to successfully include important committee direction in the military construction and veterans affairs funding bill to the Department of Veterans Affairs to utilize ESPCs and UESCs for any of its renovation projects.”

    In an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) or Utility Energy Savings Contract (UESC), the private sector works with the government customer to develop a project, but then the private company implements that project, measures and verifies savings every year, and guarantees that the savings will accrue. The private sector is repaid out of these guaranteed utility bill savings allowing for no added expenditures by the federal government. Since inception, ESPCs have achieved over $20 billion in guaranteed energy savings across the federal government.


    For Immediate Release
    June 25, 2018
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